Saturday, November 24, 2012

Coconut Oil Trail Mix Jar

This is a fat- and calorie-dense snack. Coconut oil, if you haven't used it before, is solid at room temperature, but becomes liquid at higher temperatures. If you'll be out in hot weather, make sure what you store it in is leak-proof or you'll have a messy, greasy, food bag. Likewise, if you'll be out in freezing temperatures, it will get pretty rock hard and you may have to chip it out with a knife. 

Coconut oil
Assorted berries and/or nuts

Put the berries and nuts in a leak-proof container and set aside. Melt the coconut oil slowly at a low temperature on the stove until it is liquid. Pour the melted oil over the jar of berries, stirring gently to mix. Allow to harden on the counter or in the fridge. Eat by the spoonful!

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