Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paleo Meals-To-Go Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying out some freeze-dried Paleo meals from a new-ish company called Paleo Meals-To-Go, based out of Denver, Colorado. I was blown away by the taste and the quality of the meals! They were so good and so easy to make that I found myself wanting to buy some to cook up at home, not just when I'm out on trips.

Mmm! Look at all those berries!
For breakfast I had their Coconut Berry Breakfast which is a hot-cereal-like meal, made out of coconut flakes, almond flour, nuts, coconut water, coconut oil, and blueberries and strawberries. I cooked it up at the trail head before a day hike up Squak Mountain near my home in Issaquah. One of the great things about these meals is all you have to do is boil water, and you don't even have to get a pot dirty because you just pour the water into the pouch, seal it up to absorb for a couple minutes, and then eat it right out of the bag. The hardest part is waiting the 3-5 minutes for it steep! The blueberries rehydrated into huge, plump blueberries that you'd expect to find fresh off a bush in the middle of summer, not the sad little pieces that are normally found in most granolas. This meal kept me powered the entire morning hiking up Squak (which got quite steep and tiring at the top), and it didn't make my stomach feel weird and heavy, like granola and oats usually do. 

I could tell I was actually eating real vegetables and meat!
For lunch at the top, I cooked up a package of their Beef Mountain Stew. I was pretty impressed when I looked at the ingredients on the package and saw that all it contained was beef, salt, onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, spices, and garlic. Nothing else. Also this meal was so delicious I was wishing I had more of it for dinner. It tasted like I had just cooked it up at home in my own kitchen. 

Paleo Meals-To-Go also has Paleo Diet Bars that are gluten-, soy-, dairy-, and GMO-free, and contain 17 grams of egg white protein. I haven't tried these bars yet, but based on the quality of their other products, I would bet they're just as good! Every time I go to the grocery store, I scour the growing aisles of nutrition bars, looking for one that is strictly Paleo, but there aren't many out there. Hopefully this one will make its way to some grocery store shelves soon. 


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    1. Thanks John! I hope you all enjoy it and eat a lot of delicious food on your trips!