Lunches are tricky because we haven’t come up with many original ideas, and, unless you want to cook, your options are kind of limited to dried meats and cheeses. We usually do a variation of the same thing. If you like a hot lunch and have the time and resources to cook, you can choose to bring extra meals from the dinner section and eat those. We usually do a snacking lunch, just eating some of the following foods and some stuff from the snack section and call it good.
Cans of tuna (packed in olive oil)
Tins of sardines or clams (packed in olive oil)
Cans of salmon
Salami logs 
Summer sausage
Any other kind of dried meat like prosciutto or pancetta
Blocks of raw hard cheeses
Smoked wild salmon (make sure it’s wild!)
Grass-fed hot dogs (especially great if you have a fire to roast them on)
Bell peppers
Carrots (really good with nut butters or mustard)
Sun Nut Butter (Sunflower Seed Butter)
Almond Butter


Onion Apple Tuna Bake
Red Pepper Sandwiches

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