Monday, November 30, 2015

No-Cook Bacon and Other Meaty Delicacies

EPIC snack at Smith Rock in Oregon

EPIC Bars are pretty much the only snack bars I buy anymore. I love that they are MEAT! Other bars, while tasty and energy-boosting don't make my stomach feel very good, probably due to the fact that half of the substance of other bars are dates, or some other type of sugar. These bars do not use (added) honey, maple syrup, sugar, juices, or syrups (there is some juice concentrate in the dried fruits used, and some brown sugar in the bacon). ALSO they have a Bacon Bar! Which means I can have bacon for breakfast! Without cooking it! Obviously not as good as a hot strip right out of the pan, but hey, it's the backcountry, and I'm not going to be picky. The one drawback is how expensive they are - about $2.65 each at my food co-op. Also, not all EPIC bars are created equal. I'm usually trying to figure out how to get as much fat into me as possible, so I prefer the non-poultry ones. I tried a turkey one, once, and it was dry and not as good as the others. I stopped there and have not tried any of the chicken ones.

Oh, and BONUS! Their beef and bison are 100% grass fed, and all other animals are vegetarian fed, humanely treated, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free.

Here's their full list of flavors. Not all are available at my co-op, so I haven't tried them all.
  • Bison Bacon Cranberry
  • Bacon
  • Chicken Sesame BBQ
  • Turkey Almond Cranberry
  • Beef Apple Bacon
  • Beef Habanero Cherry
  • Chicken Sriracha
  • Pulled Pork Pineapple
  • Lamb Currant Mint
My favorites (of the ones I've tried) are Bison Bacon Cranberry and Bacon

Equally exciting are their Bites, and Hunt & Harvest Mixes (jerky mixed with nuts, seeds, and berries!!!), neither of which I have tried, but definitely promise to be delicious as well!

The Nutrition:
I have taken the time to pull macronutrient stats for you from all the bars, in case, like me, you sometimes like to optimize calories in a certain way depending on your activity, or sometimes, the temperature (or lack thereof). For your convenience, I have ordered them from fattiest to least fattiest (this is a paleo blog, after all). Also, an interesting side note - the Pulled Pork Pineapple and Lamb Currant Mint are both 37 grams in total food weight, and all the others are 42 - 43 grams. Sometimes just one extra bite makes a difference when you're really pulling hard. (Also, at my co-op, they are all the same price, regardless of size...I want those extra 5 grams!) 

  • Bison Bacon Cranberry - 12 fat, 10 carb, 11 protein
  • Beef Habanero Cherry - 11 fat, 10 carb, 13 protein
  • Beef Apple Bacon - 9 fat, 4 carb, 11 protein
  • Bacon - 8 fat, 0 carb, 15 protein
  • Lamb Currant Mint - 8 fat, 9 carb, 10 protein
  • Turkey Almond Cranberry - 6 fat, 9 carb, 14 protein
  • Pulled Pork Pineapple - 5 fat, 5 carb, 15 protein
  • Chicken Sesame BBQ - 4 fat, 5 carb, 15 protein
  • Chicken Sriracha - 4 fat, 1 carb, 15 protein

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